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Pest Control Visalia Ca

Article provided by: PestMan pest control

Do you need a prompt termite inspection? Call 559-732-7378 for the experts from Pestman Pest Control in Visalia CA. Their technicians will find termites if they are around your home and eradicate them from your property. If you suspect termite activity in your home, do not delay in calling pestman.

You may have a termite problem without even knowing it! Termites are able to literally eat the equity of your home and leave costly damage for the homeowner to pick up after. While you may think your homeowners insurance policy will cover damage due to termites, in most cases, it won’t. Termites cost American homeowners an excess of $5 billion every year!

Termites live inside of the wood that they are feeding on. As they eat the wood, they tunnel deeper, making mazes of tunnels and borrows within walls and even within furniture, leaving behind piles of waste that resemble pellets.

Termites can cause floors to sag, and walls and ceilings that appear to have damage due to water. During the time that winged termites swarm, they leave behind piles of wings throughout an area that had been infested.

If you suspect your home is suffering a termite infestation, call Pestman Pest Control in Visalia CA at 559-732-7378 for immediate service inspection, and if necessary, eradication.

Being proactive with regard to termites is key in reducing or eliminating damage. Some signs to look for that indicate you are dealing with termites include:

– Look at your home access points, including doors and windows, for signs of leftover termite wings. Termites can only fly for short distances, and usually fly one at a time. When they land, they will intentionally twist off their wings as they will not need them again. Termite wings re all the same size, unlike ant wings that are larger in the front and smaller in the rear.

– Look for mud tubes about the size of a pencil in areas where the ground meets your house. Test for them by removing a small section in the center of the mud tube, but leaving the ends intact. If termites crawl out of the tube or you notice a section of the tube being rebuilt, it confirms activity. At the first sign of activity, call Pestman Pest control in Visalia at 559-732-7378.

If you notice wood damage below and behind surfaces such as walls, floors or other areas, it may be termites chewing through wood in search of cellulose. Over time, these grooves can create extreme structural damage. Looking for below-the-surface damage is a job best left for the pros who have the tools to test for signs of termite damage, without having to cause any damage to your walls or ceilings.

Termites can eat up your biggest investment of all- your home. Don’t let them cause any more damage than is absolutely necessary. If you suspect termite activity, call Pestman Pest Control in Visalia immediately at 599-732-7378 or visit right away.

Pest Control Visalia Ca

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