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Our expert technicians can develop solutions that will minimize or eliminate the use of chemicals in your home or business. So, whether you’re chemically sensitive, immune compromised, have asthma, or are just concerned about the use of chemicals, let ECOLA be the guardians of your environment. Call today to discover why ECOLA was named "Best Green Exterminator" by LA Magazine.

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An infestation of termites (or any other type of pest!) can really put a damper on your New Year. As such, it makes sense that you’d want to get in touch with a termite control company as soon as possible to fix the problem. Before you select a typical pest control team, look into the Read More »

While winters in California are considerably more temperate than in most states, there’s still a drop in temperature that encourages pests to seek out shelter and food in warmer quarters – your home. Being aware of each season’s pests allows you to better understand what to look out for and how to protect your home Read More »

Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition that dates all the way back to the mythical Roman God, Janus, who had two faces – one facing forward and one backward. Much like we do today, the Romans would resolve to make the coming year better. Today, however, the most common New Year’s resolutions revolve Read More »

  Insects are mostly all-season opportunists in California. Many household pests here thrive all year round, leaving homeowners no off-season in which to put down their guard. In many climates, fall is prime pest season as insects look for warmth in human structures. In California, winter can be worse, when our weather mostly turns from Read More »

  Are the termites really gone? This is a question most homeowners that have suffered from termite damage ask themselves. After all, termites are tiny and they do their destructive work in the dark, inaccessible areas of your home. You already experienced their destructive powers; how can you have full confidence that they are gone Read More »

Keeping the home you love pest-free takes year round vigilance. Understanding bug behaviors and their life cycles will help you know which pests are most likely to appear at certain times of the year. Because of our California climate, many of our pests, unfortunately, thrive year round. There are some seasonal fluctuations, though, and as Read More »

Termites are equal opportunity pests. They are just as likely to invade residences as they are to enter businesses. While there’s a significant difference between residential and commercial termite control, expectations of your pest control company are the same – No More Bugs! The Residential Termite Meal vs. the Commercial Termite Meal Though homes may Read More »

Termites are a homeowner’s most unwanted guests. Unsurprisingly enough, when you find termites in your home, the chances are great that they found their way into your home from your yard. Most termites live on dead wood, but there are several species that also live and feed on live plants and trees. The Formosan termite, Read More »

Insects are experts at home invasion. No matter how careful and vigilant homeowners are, they crawl their way into the tiniest cracks and crevices looking for food, water, and a cozy place to nest and breed. These uninvited guests pose anywhere from a nuisance to serious health threats and structural damage, so their presence is Read More »

Fast forward to the 1940s — that’s when chemical treatments were first introduced to control pests. Over time chemical methods for rodent control or termite treatment became a fast and easy way to kill pests. This has led to a long period of dependency on chemicals as the traditional method for how to kill ants, Read More »

Just as people are getting back to their favorite outdoor activities, summertime pests are scoping out their home for their favorite indoor activities. They find their way in through cracks, crevices and even the front door, looking for shelter, food and moisture. So if you think your home is getting buggier during the summer months, Read More »

Termites are one of every homeowner’s greatest fears – and with good reason. They cause over $5 billion in property damage every year, according to the National Pest Management Association. Worst of all, these tiny pests can remain hidden for years as they slowly devour your home from the inside out. To protect what’s probably Read More »

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