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The Electro-Gun is a non-chemical electronic system for killing drywood termites in a localized part of your home or business. It combines high-frequency and high voltage to overcome wood’s natural resistance to electrical current flow. Utilizing four U.S. patented designs, this system allows electrical current to penetrate wood and flow into the galleries and nests of drywood termites, killing them by electrical shock.

The current reaches the termites inside the wood via the 90,000+ voltage push. Since the laws of physics indicate that electricity will always follow the path of least resistance, when the termites or galleries (tunnels) are encountered, the current will flow into the gallery and to the termites, killing them. This occurs because the moist air in the galleries and the moist bodies of the termites offers less resistance to the current than the wood. By slowly “scanning” the surface of the wood, an experienced Electro-Gun treatment technician can usually tell by listening to the Electro-Gun’s sound, and observing the pattern of the electrical current flow from the Electro-Gun that he has probably found a gallery, even the galleries that cannot be seen.

The Electro-Gun achieves its effectiveness by using a patented circuit design to safely convert standard 120v, 60 cycle house current into 90,000 volts at 60,000 cycles per second, but at a very low current. As a result, the high voltage overcomes the natural resistance of the wood to electrical current flow. TheElectro-Gun’s electrical discharge is pulsed on and off at a rate of 60 times per second, with each pulse having a frequency of 60,000 Hz. The very low current levels and the pulsing action, together with the “skin effect” (documented by Pender & Delmar, 1956) due to the high frequency, provides for operator and occupant safety as well as preventing an undue rise in temperature preventing scorching or burning of the wood. Usual temperature elevation during treatment is only 10-20, well below the incendiary level (approximately 800) of wood.

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The Electro-Gun itself is totally non-chemical, therefore it is not necessary to move out of your home for several days or remove food, plants, plastics, clothing or furniture (all-wood furniture can also be treated with the Electro-Gun) while treatment is taking place. There is no residual danger to pets or humans. There are no worries of possible damage to your roof, satellite dish and exterior plants as can happen with fumigation. Because of the mobility of theElectro-Gun, it can be used to treat diagnosed infestations in the attic, subareas, and just about any other accessible area of a home or building. If a certified Electro-Gun inspector has determined that the Electro-Gun can be used to effectively treat your home, we think you will find and agree that it is the most cost-effective and convenient method on the market.

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