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50 Years of Effective Results

For over 50 years traditional fumigation has been the mainstay of the termite control industry. It is a highly technical procedure that involves surrounding the structure with a gas-tight tarp; releasing the gas inside the seal; and aerating the fumigant after a set exposure time. While many consumers don’t enjoy the preparation required prior to fumigation or the extended overnight move-out, this product is highly effective and as a result remains the primary product used. The only other full structure option is ECOLA Full Structure Heat!

Here’s how the fumigation process works:

  • The fumigation process starts with preparing your home for fumigation. Your ECOLA inspector and technician will guide you through the setup process.

  • Once you’ve prepared your home and left, the fumigation crew will cover your home with tarps or plastic sheeting – this is called “tenting” the home.

  • Once tented, a warning agent is released into the home as a precaution to ensure that all people have vacated.

  • Next, all doors are secured using deadbolts, additional locking devices or barricades to help prevent unauthorized entry.

  • Now, fumigation begins – Vikane® gas fumigant is released into the home, filling all air spaces and voids in the wood, walls and floor. Vikane reaches the termite colonies in the structure.

  • Finally, the tarps are removed and your home is aerated. Your fumigation professional will check the home with sophisticated equipment to ensure all of the Vikane has dissipated from the structure before authorizing reentry.

Ecola fumigation

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