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Orange Oil

It sounds sweet and simple, but here are the facts about orange oil

Orange oil products contain the active ingredient d-limonene. D-limonene is extracted from the rinds of oranges, and it’s the same chemical found in many household products. Due to d-limonene’s low toxicity, it has become a popular termite control method for many home owners and industries. This page is dedicated to the advantages and disadvantages of Orange oil.

I’m hearing a lot of buzz about Orange Oil to kill termites. What is Orange Oil?

Orange Oil is a low-toxicity product that when injected into the galleries of infested wood, will kill termites only on contact.

I’ve heard that Orange Oil can guarantee you won’t have termites.

When a termite infestation becomes obvious and all of the infested wood members are identified, Orange Oil is one of many wood injected termiticides that kills on contact. However, unless every single wood member within an entire structure is treated, no product can guarantee that you won’t get termites.

What makes Orange Oil different than other products?

All alternative methods and termiticides are high tech and specifically designed. However, they are not magic wands. The construction of the structure is key in determining what method(s) to use. The key to successful localized treatments is having an effective combination of localized alternative termite tools and the experience and inspecting ability to implement it. Therefore, Orange Oil, just like the Electro-Gun, Microwave, Heat, Timbor, Foam and Fumigation when used properly can kill termites and protect your home. Knowledge is power. And the right power will have termites choke on the splinters of your home.

As a consumer where can I go to compare facts about termite treatment methods?

Nowadays, the internet is probably the best one stop shop for information. Using the methods and/or specific product name as you search words. Here at Ecola, our website is very informative. Also, www.pestweb.com, comparing the MSDS “Material Safety Data Sheets” of any products is like a side by side comparison of cars. When the consumer learns the facts, it makes choosing a company that offers most of the alternative methods, like ECOLA SERVICES, an obvious choice.

With so many termite companies out there, how do I know who I should call?

If it was my home and I didn’t know a termite from a rat, I’d research the reputation licensing and services available from the list of company candidates. Google ads usually tell us what services/methods each company offers. The Structural Pest Control Board handles licenses. As for ECOLA SERVICES, we were established in 1983.

We are BBB members with an A+ Grade. We have a respected reputation with the board whenever any issues have arisen and needed to be resolved. I’d also reference the geographical availability of the company. ECOLA SERVICES has the capacity to cater from San Luis Obispo to San Diego

What are the negatives regarding the usage of orange oil?

Orange contains VDC’s (Vinylidene Chloride) and is an accelerant.

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