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Termite & Pest Control
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At ECOLA we get it.

You just want your termite problems solved with minimum hassle to your life or your tenants. With our full-range of Alternative and traditional termite treatments our expert technicians can develop a solution that will meet your specific needs. We have been serving multi-tenant facilities for over 30 years.


Termite problems in multi-unit and mixed-use complexes can be a hassle for property owners/managers and tenants alike.

As an owner you want to get the job done as quickly as possible; minimize the disruption to the lives of your tenants; reduce the revenue loss associated with an extended fumigation; and manage the varying needs of your tenants. As a tenant you want to minimize the hassle to your life and make sure your lifestyle isn’t being affected by the chosen treatment. At ECOLA we are experts in the use of an array of traditional and Alternative treatment solutions, so we can individualize a solution to fit your needs.

For over 30 years ECOLA has catered to the needs of multi-tenant property owners and property management firms. Our unique approach to termite control allows us to individualize solutions that minimize the hassle and costs associated with termite eradication.

We accomplish this by addressing your specific needs. We begin by having one of our expert inspectors look at your property. Once the problem areas have been identified they will develop a solution that is appropriate to you and your tenants specific needs. We will target the specific area where the termites live rather than immediately recommending a full-structure treatment. This has the benefit of saving you and your tenants the stress of preparing for a full-structure treatment and the costs associated with them too.

ECOLA Inspectors are well versed in the uses of our technologies. We can offer traditional treatments or the latest non-chemical and low-toxicity Alternative Treatments. We can reduce the time and cost of an extended move-out by localizing the treatment to the specific problem areas or using ECOLA Heat in lieu of fumigation. In fact, according to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, heat and fumigation are the only two treatment solutions suitable for full-structure or “whole-house” termite eradication. This means that no matter what your needs are, ECOLA has the tools to address it. Discover how ECOLA Termite & Pest Management can work for you.

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Pest & Rodent Control

Rats and mice are creative when finding ways into your multi-tenant complex. Mice can enter through any crack the size of a dime and rats only need an opening the size of a quarter. That’s why at ECOLA we don’t believe just killing them with traps is an appropriate solution to keep rodents outdoors where they belong. Instead, we utilize the best non-chemical method of rat and mice control – rodent exclusions. We also offer trapping (for release or for disposal) services, outdoor bait stations for commercial customers, and rodent cleanout services. We offer one-time services or recurring service plans to fit your multi-tenant needs.

Rodent exclusion is designed to identify and correct potential entry points into your multi-tenant complex. An ECOLA Pest Control Expert will perform a thorough inspection of your property to identify the potential points of entry and will provide a detailed report of various maintenance procedures that need to be done to correct the critical areas. Repeat inspections and other pest control services we offer can be used in conjunction with the exclusion service to ensure rodents are not entering your multi-tenant complex.

Once the rodents are gone, if there are considerable remains from the nest, ECOLA recommends a full rodent cleanout. This service includes vacuuming the area, removing objects contaminated with urine and fecal matter, and spraying the area down with a solution.

Expert Pest Control for Your Multi-Tenant Complex

Pests will always find a way into our multi-tenant complexes, but we don’t have to control the problem by introducing more chemicals into our personal spaces. ECOLA Services is proud to offer EcoSmart products as an alternative to traditional spray chemicals. Now common pests like ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, crickets, etc. can be treated without the use of harsh chemicals.

EcoSmart products are patented, synergistic blends of plant essential oils that are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insects. With no known pest resistance to EcoSmart’s botanical active ingredients, EcoSmart provides for a quick knockdown and control of insect pests.

EcoSmart Botanicals target the octopamime neurotransmitter receptor found only in insects. It regulates insects’ heart rate, movement, behavior and metabolism, resulting in a breakdown of their central nervous system. And because mammals, birds, and fish do not have receptors for octopamine EcoSmart’s botanical oils don’t have any adverse effect on them.

Bees and Wasps are no problem for ECOLA

ECOLA is fully equipped to handle bee or wasps at your multi-tenant complex. We even have options to remove hives without killing the bees.

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