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Rodent Control

Rodents can be a problem year-round, seeking warmth in winter, emerging in spring, and breeding nonstop in warmer months. Urine, droppings, bad odors, the sound of scratching or pitter-patter all point to a rodent problem. Don’t ignore them, they multiply quickly!

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Mice & Rats: What’s the Difference?

Treating a rat problem is a lot different than treating a mice problem. The first step in stopping an infestation is identifying what you’re dealing with.

A few notable differences:

Mice Rats
Size Stay small Can grow large
Fur Soft Coarse
Tails Thick and furry Thinner and scaly
Droppings Small and pointy Large and blunt
Sounds Too small to make sounds you can hear through walls Large enough that you’ll hear their steps and scratches
Behaviors Less cautious; easier to trap More cautious; avoid traps

Both rats and mice breed quickly, so if you see one, chances are a lot more are hiding in your home.

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What Can Rodents Do to My Home?

A rodent infestation can damage your foundation, HVAC system, insulation, roof, attic and more, adding up to thousands of dollars in repairs. Rodents can also chew on wires and cause electrical damage. Even more alarming, they eat and contaminate your food, leaving urine and fecal matter behind!

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How Can I Prevent or Counter Rodent Infestations?

Rodents are notoriously hard to manage, but smart prevention habits include the following:

  • Keep pet food and birdseed sealed.
  • Cover your trash and pick up dropped fruit in your yard.
  • Limit food sources to make your home less attractive to hungry rodents!
  • Clean up after an infestation. The smell can attract other rodents.
  • Close any cracks or openings. Anything larger than a quarter can be covered in metal mesh to keep more rodents from getting in.
  • Check the outside: Piled-up wood makes a great shelter, and trees and shrubs can serve as ladders for rodents to climb onto your roof and into your attic.

In our experience, people who try tackling a rodent infestation on their own experience tremendous difficulties and end up taking longer to solve their rodent problem. Do take advantage of our free pest inspection for a plan of attack that will save you time, money and aggravation.

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Ramp Up Your Defense With Rodent Exclusion

Let Ecola be your first line of defense against rodent invasions! With Ecola’s Rodent Exclusion, a certified technician will return to your home weekly for one month to check rodent traps. We’ll also clean urine and fecal matter, seal potential entry points, remove attractants, and assess other vulnerabilities in your property.

Keep Rodents Away With TAP® Insulation

TAP® insulation helps you keep warmth in, pests out, and energy costs low. It’s a borate based pest control solution that pays for itself with a lifetime of energy savings!

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