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7 Termite Myths and 1 Solution

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Termite infestation is a homeowners’ worst nightmare. Separating termite myth from fact can help you get the termite treatment you need to save your home from expensive damages. The following are seven myths that you should know about:

Brick houses on concrete slabs are termite-proof. Most brick homes have a wood framed interior. Termites can infest your home even if it is made of brick and sits on a concrete slab. They can use cracks in your walls and foundation to gain access to the wood.

Termite swarmers are damaging my home. Termite swarmers themselves have only one purpose in life—mating to create new colonies. It can take several years for termites to do significant damage, but it can take even longer for termites to make their presence known. If you see a swarm, call for a termite inspection to head off a severe infestation.

Termites moved over to my house after a neighbor performed a termite treatment. Termites cannot survive a treatment and go to your home. Their nests can be enormous, and it’s possible for several houses to share one termite colony. They often take the bait back to their nest, so it is possible that when a neighbor treats their termites, it could help lessen your termite population as well.

Mulch or decaying wood near your home will keep termites away. Termites multiply quickly and continually seek new sources of wood for nourishment. Rotting wood and mulch encourage termites to live close to you, which puts your home at risk of infestation.

Once you’ve treated your house, you don’t have to worry about termites anymore. Environmental factors, the products you use, and the condition of your home all influence how long a termite treatment remains effective. A sure way to stay on top of termites is to schedule an annual termite inspection.

Termites are destructive creatures with no useful purpose. As damaging as termites are, they serve as an essential part of a forest’s ecosystem. Termites break down dead wood in forests and turn it into nutrient-rich soil that helps plants grow.

You can rid your home of termites by yourself. Proper termite treatment requires professional termite solutions. DIY methods are less effective and can put the health of your family and pets at risk.

1 Solution

Your house is likely the most important investment in your life and the place you call home. Some homeowners are bothered by the cost of termite treatments, but it’s hard to treat termites with a do-it-yourself solution. Annual free termite inspections from Ecola will help catch termites that find their way into your home quickly. Early intervention minimizes your damages and ends up costing you less money in the long run. Call Ecola at 1-800-332-BUGS (2847) to schedule your free termite inspection. Ecola provides family-friendly, eco-friendly termite treatments, and that’s no myth!

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