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8 Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation

As the weather begins to cool down, families everywhere look forward to getting cozy at home. Unfortunately, rodents have the exact same thing in mind. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association revealed that rodents are the most common winter pest and that 45 percent of rodent infestations occur in fall and winter.

Mice and rats are thinking about basic needs when making your home theirs. They want food, shelter, and a safe place to reproduce. A female mouse can have up to twelve babies every three weeks. They multiply quickly, producing an infestation in short order. Because rodents can spread disease and chew through wires and walls, it’s best to call a pest control specialist when you first suspect you have a problem.

What To Watch Out For:

1. Droppings – Finding droppings is one of the more common ways to recognize a rodent infestation. Keep an eye out for droppings where you store food, under sinks where water is plentiful, on countertops, and along the perimeter of your rooms. Rodents defecate as they travel and their feces can carry harmful bacteria, trigger allergies, and spread salmonella.

2. Gnaw Marks – Rodents create tunnels to travel through your home, gnawing on walls and electrical wires. A rodent’s teeth never stop growing and they also gnaw to wear those teeth down.

3. Nests – Rodents like to make their nests in dark, secluded areas where the chance of disturbing them is low. They’ll build nests out of any soft materials such as fabrics, cardboard, and paper goods.

4. Rub Marks – Rats, more than mice, will leave dark grease markings from their oily fur along the floors and baseboards.

5. Noises at Night – Rodents are nocturnal, moving about your home at night. If you hear scurrying or other strange sounds in the walls, it can be the sounds of busy rodents running between their nest and your pantry.

6. Bad Odors – Rats and mice emit a musty smell. In addition, they sometimes die in your walls, leaving behind a quite unpleasant odor for several weeks.

7. Restless Pets – If you live with a dog or cat, you might notice them staring or scratching at a wall, cabinet, or pantry door. As their senses are better than a human’s, they might hear and smell a rat sooner than you would.

8. Seeing an Actual Rodent – Chances are, if you espy one mouse, you probably have at least several more. Rodents are not lone creatures and they reproduce quickly and often.

An Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solution

Rodents are not just an icky pest; they can create health and fire hazards in your home. The only sure solution is to call a pest control company such as Ecola to check your home and propose a plan that not only eliminates rodents but prevents future infestations. Ecola has eco-friendly pest control solutions that are also family-friendly. Call Ecola at (800) 471-2847.

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