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8 Tips For Keeping Termite Swarmers Away

Brown winged termite swarm

Now that spring is here, most homeowners are happy to once again do outdoor fix-ups or enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, many pests are also waking up in spring, posing a threat to your security.

Termites are one pest that all homeowners fear. These tiny destroyers can cause significant damage to your home right under your nose. While termites can invade your home any time of year, they are most visible in spring when they swarm.

Why Do Termites Swarm?

Swarmers are the termites that mate and reproduce. The combination of warmer weather and April rains bring these swarmers out. These winged termites fly away from the colony when it has grown too large to start a new colony. Swarmers will not destroy your home, but their presence means that there is an infestation nearby or already in your home. One of these swarmers will become the new queen, laying the eggs that will become the worker termites that feed on your home.

Eight Tips For Fending Off Termite Swarmers

Whether you’ve seen a swarm or not, here are eight tips to help you fend off termite swarmers:

  1. Eliminate any leaking or standing water from around your home. This includes leaky outdoor faucets, pipes, and air conditioners. Divert standing water from your property. Clean gutters can cause pools and puddles.

  2. Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home and elevated off the ground.

  3. Routinely inspect the foundation of your home. Look for the mud tubes that termites travel through. Ensure there is an 18-inch gap between the wooden parts of your home and the soil. Don’t allow mulch to butt up to your foundation, and keep plants from touching your home.

  4. Make sure you have adequate weatherstripping on all doors and windows.

  5. Clear your property of the dead branches, stumps, and brush piles where termites can live.

  6. Keep your attic and basement clear of clutter. Termites eat cardboard, so instead use sealed plastic storage bins and metal shelving.

  7. Water your plants and gardens in the morning so excess water has time to dry from the sun.

  8. Schedule an annual termite inspection and use professional preventative measures.

What To Do If You’ve Seen A Swarm

Termites are a pest that cannot be eradicated on one’s own. A licensed exterminator such as Ecola can conduct a free termite inspection. Your pest professional can recommend preventative and termite control solutions depending on the type of termite and extent of the problem. Call Ecola today to schedule your inspection at 1-800-332-BUGS (2847). Your prompt action can save your home from the extensive damage termites cause.

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