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Alternative Termite Control 101

In almost every area in our lives, green solutions have become part of the mainstream. When it comes to termite control, eco-friendly and family-friendly solutions sit side-by-side with traditional chemical solutions as effective termite treatment.

As termite infestations are quite prevalent, especially in California, where there are subterranean, Formosan, and drywood termites, the need for homeowners to understand natural termite control options is great.  

Effective Natural Termite Control Methods

A knowledgeable and vigilant homeowner is the best defense against termite infestations. It all begins with a termite inspection. Since many pest control companies, such as Ecola Termite & Pest Control, offer free annual termite inspections, there is no reason to wonder if termites might be eating away at your home.

In early infestations, there may not be any visible signs, but the longer they live within your walls, the greater their damage. Here are your alternative termite treatment choices:

Ecola Heat

Ecola’s heat process kills adult termites and their eggs by heating the temperature in your home or a room in your home to about 180 degrees. It takes about eight hours, so you can leave for work and school in the morning and come back at the end of the day. The termites are gone without the need to stay in a hotel and put your beloved pet in a kennel as you would with traditional fumigation.


This is an electronic system for killing termites in a localized part of your home or business. A high voltage current penetrates wood, killing the termites as the current flows through their tunnels.


A salt, borates are applied directly onto wood surfaces, concrete, plumbing, soil, or foundation. Once ingested by termites, they can no longer absorb nutrients from their food and starve to death.

Ecola – A Leader in Alternative Termite Solutions

Ecola has focused on alternative termite control solutions since its inception in 1983. After your termite inspection, our specialists will be able to provide more information on alternative treatments and the ones that are best for your situation.

Call Ecola at 1-800-332 BUGS (2847) for a free termite inspection. Should you need termite treatment, your Ecola licensed inspector will prescribe the individualized natural termite control method best for your home and family.

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