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Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in California

There’s nothing quite as disturbing as walking through your garden or home and finding an insect that not only looks unwelcoming, but is also dangerous to what you’re growing.

That’s exactly what is happening in California now as brown marmorated stink bugs are making their way throughout the state. The bugs can emit a strong odor that is similar to cilantro, and not only eat and attack a wide array of fruits and vegetables, but will also enter the home in the fall and winter seasons. That can be a big problem, especially because the bug will release its odor as a defense mechanism should someone try to touch or move the insect.

While there are some obstacles that these brown marmorated stink bugs can overcome, the fight to control them has increased and a pheromone has been developed that can be used to bait the bugs. Some pesticides are ineffective, but there is definitely developed ways to get rid of the problem. Also, birds and wasps in the area are the natural predators to these insects and as they adapt to their new prey, they are becoming more effective in feeding on the stink bugs.

These insects are some that you definitely don’t want around ruining your fruit or vegetable crops, nor do you want them leaving a pungent odor throughout the house, so you will want to take proper precautions and know how to take care of any infestations. Having the home properly sealed and the correct pheromone and pesticide can help should these stink bugs come to your home or garden. Just always be sure to show everyone in the home what these insects look like and make sure if you do see them and are unsure of what to do, consult a professional to come out and handle the manner in a way that is safe and easy for you and your family.

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