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Do Rodents Really Love Cheese?

Ecola Termite and Pest Control - Do Rodents Really Love Cheese?

October is American Cheese Month and we, at Ecola, can’t help but turn our thoughts to rodent control. Maybe it was Tom and Jerry who led us to believe that mice and rats love cheese, and many people use cheese as bait when trying to catch rodents who have invaded their house. But is this the best route to eradicating rodents in your home? Science Rules Scientific studies show that rodents mostly eat a diet of fruits, vegetables, and grains. And they prefer food that has lots of sugar. On the other hand, they are indeed opportunists and will eat just about anything when hungry – even cheese. In fact, you’re probably better off putting chocolate in your mousetrap than a piece of cheese, especially if the cheese is pungent as rodents have very sensitive noses. Pungent cheese would more likely drive them away. Cheeseless Rodent Control While rodents might not be interested in making your home theirs just so they can eat your cheese, they will be happy to bask in the warmth of your walls and nibble away on your cereal and grains. The answer is not to find better bait for your traps, but to rodent proof your house as best you can.

  • A rat can squeeze itself through
  • A rat can squeeze itself through a space the size of a dime, so try to seal your windows, doors, attics, garages, and basements.
  • Keep your food in sealed containers and clean up crumbs in cupboards and pantries.
  • Outdoors, keep your trash sealed. Remove all debris and keep your grass trimmed.
  • Clear out boxes and other clutter in your storage areas and try to keep items off the floor.

Rodent Exclusion To best protect your home from damage and your family from exposure to the diseases rodents carry, ask a pest control company, such as Ecola, about their rodent exclusion services. Ecola will identify areas around your home that are conducive to activity, seal off entry and exit points, and completely banish rodents from your home. For instance, one new and effective method is the installation of TAP insulation, a pesticide-infused insulation for your attic that will not only obliterate rodents and other pests such as termites, but save you money on energy usage while providing you greater sound-proofing. It’s also a family-friendly material.

For American Cheese Month, Ecola is offering new customers $100 off any rodent exclusion or termite service. So call for your free inspection today at 1-800-332-BUGS (2847), fill out the attached form or visit Escrows excluded.

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