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Don’t​ ​Spend​ ​Thanksgiving​ ​Entertaining​ ​Unwanted​ ​Pests

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You’ve planned, the shopping is complete, the Thanksgiving table is set for twelve, but surprise! The guest list has grown to 1200! Tiny pests, like termites or

roaches, don’t care that they are uninvited and unwanted. Don’t let your warm inviting home bring unwanted guests in! Find out Ecola’s top tips for keeping pests at bay this holiday season.

Ecola’s Thanksgiving Pest Control Tips:

  • Most people are on the lookout for termites as they swarm in spring. The reality is, once termites are in your home, they cause damage all year round regardless of warning signs like swarming. Before the arrival of the holiday season, make sure you get a termite inspection to see if you need termite control to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

  • If you have guests who are traveling via public transportation or if you have kids coming home from college, there’s the potential for an impending bedbug infestation. As a precaution, wash and dry all clothing and bedding in the hottest water possible and dry on high heat. Check the seams in your mattresses for telltale signs of droppings or bedbugs themselves. Should you find them, call a professional who knows how to kill bed bugs.

  • To contain pests like roaches, make sure you store food in the fridge or in sealed plastic containers. Cardboard boxes and wrappers are not bug-proof. Keep your trash sealed at all times. Clean up crumbs and spills immediately and don’t leave dishes and pans dirty in the sink.

  • In the weeks before Thanksgiving, give thanks to the pest management and termite control specialist sent by Ecola to provide you with a free termite inspection. And, don’t forget to ask them how to kill roaches or any other pest you suspect is lurking in the dark corners of your home.

Call Ecola today at 800-332-BUGS (2847), fill out the attached form or visit to schedule your free inspection and learn more about the family-friendly methods they employ for preventing and treating household pests.

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