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Don’t Let Termites Become a Summer Bummer

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While termites can cause damage to your home any time of year, they most often invade in full force in summer when they are most active. They form colonies underneath leaves, rotting brush, and damp soil, slowly making their way toward their ideal food source – your home.

Termites are hard to find. Unless you see them swarm, they can be hiding inside your wood beams, foundation, or flooring. You won’t see them on the outside of your wood. They like dark environments and will eat away from the inside out. If you knock on wood and it sounds hollow, you might have termites.

Eliminate the Bummer

Summer is the time you want to kick back and enjoy your home. When you could be having barbecues, sitting out by the pool, and relaxing, don’t let the thought of termites gnaw at you. There’s an easy answer – a free termite inspection from Ecola. Ecola specialists know exactly how to control pest termite and take the guesswork and worry away. They know where termites hideout and can give you the “all clear” or safely eliminate them from your home before any major damage is done.

Don’t Wait for a Sign

The best course of action with termites is to be proactive. Catching termites in the early stages of an infestation not only means you’ll have less damage, but you might not need to have your whole house treated. Ecola has several family-friendly methods for eradicating termites. There are also measures you can take to make your home less attractive to termites and other pests. One of the best things you can do is to install TAP Pest Control Insulation. TAP Insulation is safe and very effective as both a pesticide and insulation. TAP insulation is environmentally responsible and is also superior at deadening sound and keeping both your heat and air conditioning in – saving you money.

Ask Ecola how to eliminate or prevent termites at your free termite inspection. Schedule your appointment by calling 800 332-BUGS (2847) and see if TAP insulation is right for you and your family.

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