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Ecola Termite & Pest Control wants to know if you’re ready to spring into action- May 2013

Ecola Termite & Pest Control….Ready to Spring into Action!

Ahhh… Spring – just saying the word conjures up visions of blue skies, warm days, and bugs.  Huh? 

You aren’t the only one excited to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, so are flies, cockroaches, and stinging bees.  Did you know that each time a fly lands, it sheds pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella – not a guest you want at your spring party!  Or that yellow jackets, bees and wasps can cause anaphylactic shock and/or allergic reactions?

Of course that’s not all, but you get the idea… 

So what’s a person, home or business to do when out of nowhere you’re being invaded by bugs?  The thought of inviting chemical laden products sure doesn’t sound appealing, that’s why at Ecola Termite & Pest Control ®, we use only effective, yet gentle products that are ecologically sound for the environment; ensuring the removal of those pesky pests while keeping you, your family and pets safe. 

Termite Lady ® says “If I can’t be your first choice, I’d like to be your second opinion” Call Ecola Termite & Pest Control ® today at 800-332-2847 for your FREE in-home or office inspection. Powerful termite and pest control as gentle as a butterfly ®

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