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Ecola’s Eco Friendly Treatment

ECOLA is a leader in natural termite control. Watch the video below to see the variety of treatment options the Termite Lady has to offer for those with chemical sensitivities and a desire for green alternatives.

Alan: It’s termite season and ECOLA termite and pest control is using heat to rid this house of termites and pests. Hot air is fired up and pumped inside. Sue Fries of ECOLA says hot air is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and people-friendly.

Sue: In this house Alan, we have the heat, which is the ECOLA heat process. Which is the only recognized alternative to fumigation for full-structure. How the heat treatment works is it’s clean, hot air. It sanitizes, deodorizes, kills the eggs and the adults of the termites. What we do is we get the heat up to about 180 degrees ambient temperature in the room and it can be full-structure, meaning the entire home, or it can also be a local treatment, like an attic let’s say. Sometimes the attic is the, sometimes the termites are in the attic, so we will treat the attic or the sub-area, maybe just a room. And the benefits of this is that they don’t have to leave for three days and two nights, they don’t have to put their pets in a kennel, none of that. They don’t have to do all of that. It’s an eight to ten hour process, which means you pack up your things, leave for the day and then you come back at the end of the day and the termites are gone.

Termites in Thailand

Alan: No poisons, no gases.

Sue: No, no, no, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s really wonderful for the family that is concerned about chemical sensitivities, and just not having those things in their home.

Alan: It’s clean.

Sue: It’s clean, hot air, that’s what it is.

Alan: Readers of the Los Angeles Daily News just voted ECOLA the best termite and pest control company in Los Angeles. ECOLA Termite & Pest Control Management also can use it’s electrogun to get rid of termites.

Sue: ECOLA was founded with the E-Gun. The electrogun is what it’s called and it’s 90,000 volts of electricity and it’s electric currents that are going out. Termites are made of 85-90% water. They are water. So the electricity is attracted to the water, meaning the body of the termite, and it just zaps them.

Alan: This house is also being treated for drywood termites. Borate is being injected into the walls.

Sue: That’s like table salt. It’s kind of the same thing, like borons, and it’s table salt. That has a residual of up to 20 years, which is wonderful.

Alan: And there’s a treatment for subterranean termites. ECOLA serves from San Diego to San Louis Obispo, and the company is growing, that means they’re hiring. You can have a career with ECOLA now. Call ECOLA Termite & Pest Control Management for a free inspection. Homes in escrow or being re-financed are not eligible. (800) 332-BUGS/ (800) 332-2847 FREE,

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