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exterminator san Diego

Hiring the best pest control services establishes a comfort zone and a continuous sense of satisfaction about your home. Professional pest services do not always have to cost a pretty penny because there are many angles to each contract. The different factors that influence pest control range from the intensity of the job, to the type of insect.

Pests can range from raccoons to harmless ants. The method of eradication is different for each insect, because of the different tools, time, and knowledge on the process. Let us help you debunk the ill-founded belief that professional pest control is unnecessarily pricier.

Cost of hiring an exterminator in San Diego


A one-time visit of inspection could cost anything between $40 and $700. The exterminator sweeps through the interior and exterior of the house to prepare the extermination. The positive news is that this process is executable in one day. The length and final cost of the inspection will depend on the extent of the insects’ spread and damage.

Another positive note is that expert inspectors may give free inspections and estimate services. Our exterminator in San Diego is happy to look at your home or give you a quote of different insect extermination services over the phone.

Periodic visit

The exterminator will set a timed visit every month or so if your home needs regular exterminations to rid the house of pests permanently. The first follow up could cost up to $150 while subsequent quarterly plans do not ever exceed $250. We assess the situation and find entry points or nests that are difficult to manage.

The resources also remove eggs, which create ongoing problems after many extermination procedures in other areas. The following details pests that reproduce quick and their most likely maintenance scheme.


These animals are notorious for their damage to physical properties and human health. They live in the deepest parts of the structure or garden and can be frustrating to pull out. The average price of controlling mice is approximately $150.


Rats have striking similarities with rats because they operate in very similar ways. They spread fast and are dangerous for their illness causative traits. The rate of exterminating rats is approximately equal to that of mice but may start at a higher median of roughly $250.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are an embarrassing nuisance to you and your guests. The pests are challenging to study because they have nocturnal habits. Our pest elimination service knows how to treat these hideous insects. The national average cost of removing pests is between $100 and $300.


These insects have an attraction to food and map their movements and location with pheromones. They have painful bites that are potentially threatening to people with allergies. The average price of removing ants starts at about $250.

Pest control services cost a nickel and a dime when you consider the benefits of professional extermination in San Diego. Most inspections are free, and the follow-up services can be shockingly affordable because we may only need to maintain the investigation. Contact us for a quote on any pest condition and let us find a balance that will keep our business in a long-term helpful relationship with you.

exterminator san Diego

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