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Orange County Pest Control

Contact the experts from Ecola when you needOrange County pest control services in your home or commercial property. We know that dealing with pests is a serious problem that can quickly get out of control; one call to our team and we’ll get to the heart of your pest problem with safe and effective treatments that eradicate bugs, rodents, and nuisance pests of all kinds. If you’re reluctant to call in a professional, keep in mind that the longer you wait to call, the more you’ll end up paying for pest services.

Do Over the Counter Pest Products Work?

If you’ve been dealing with a pest problem for any length of time, you may be tempted to purchase store-bought sprays, powders, or gels to take matters into your own hands. The problem with OTC pest control products is that they rarely work; you could spend a lot of money and be in the same exact position you’re in right now, only your small bug complaint may turn into a full-scale infestation while you try to resolve it yourself. The better solution is to call Ecola to inspect your premises, identify the pests causing trouble, and create a customized solution that will eradicate the pests.

Why is a Professional Pest Treatment More Effective?

We’re often asked at Ecola why store-bought products fail to give good results. After observing pest treatments over the years and watching their ineffectiveness, we can only come to one conclusion: those products you see in the store are not designed to do the job; rather, they’re intended to keep consumers coming back for additional purchases- at least, many of them. Investing in a product that has not shown itself to be effective is like throwing your money out the window of a fast-moving vehicle.

If you’re on a budget, the last thing you want to do is buy a bug spray that doesn’t work. Most pest products on the shelf kill bugs on contact but do nothing to kill eggs or take care of the problem at the level where it matters. For ants, termites, and roaches, treatment has to be taken back to the nest, or mound; otherwise, new eggs will hatch and you’ll see bugs reemerge in the near future.

Ecola is the Right Call For Pests

You want bugs gone right now, not at some point in the distant future. Our Orange County pest control specialists can assess your pest issues and recommend a treatment that will deal with pests without being harmful to children or pets living in the home. For commercial businesses and buildings, our eco-friendly solutions allow you to stay open for business without worrying that treatments will deter your customers, clients, or tenants.

Make a call to Ecola and you can rest easy knowing we will deal with pests at their source, saving you money while providing you with the best treatment available. Contact our reputable Orange County pest control agency if you have questions or wish to schedule an inspection.

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