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Pest Control Riverside

Regaining your home from a pest invasion is not about applying a few magical topical solutions. It is impossible to recover the many different structures with a few sprays and keeping away food from mice. The reformation involves many different creative pursuits, tools, and knowledge.

Ancient traditions like the Egyptians have a strong defense against harmful species in their homes. These communities had trembling fear of insects because a small invasion could grow to damage an entire plantation. Many different cultures relied on gods and folklore before developing biological and chemical methods that gave the fastest result. Today’s society is lucky enough to have access to technologies and resources that ease pest control in Riverside.

General methods of pest control


Hygienic pest control methods usually start with the homeowner. It involves removing all items that attract pests. This process involves the following joint activities:

  • Eliminating food from an open location
  • Cleaning water from busted or leaking pipes
  • Maintaining the garden to remove weeds and holes
  • Deep cleaning areas with frequent exposure to food

Pest control in Riverside always involves the hygienic process because we aim to maintain a healthy environment.


Biological pest control is not an activity you typically perform in the home, because it is more natural in the outdoors. Biological control methods rely on introducing predators that eliminate the pest through the natural food chain process. You do not need a professional exterminator to launch a biological control mechanism in your home.


Chemical pest control is the most common method of professional pest control. The technician will distribute the solution by spraying or powdering all over the infested areas.

Ecola Pest Control uses Borates to control insects and termites. Borate is a repellant that kills any insect that eats the sprays area. The solution is applied onto the surface directly and does not break down over time. Borate stays in the wood forever; hence you will not need retreatment in the same section. Soil treatments are easy to apply but may lose effectiveness over the next five to ten years.


Our electrical method is entirely free of chemicals; hence you do not have to remove items like foods and plants out the way. The electrical tool can diagnose and treat all areas of the home because it is very mobile. The

The electricity penetrates all materials by using the most conducting elements along the way, such as water or the colony of ants. The electrical gun has a fast scanning process because one can always tell the presence of insects through the connected sound detector.


Using heat to remove pests is as direct and straightforward as it sounds. The Ecola heating tool directs lethal levels of temperature on the target area to disable any life. Heat offers a disinfectant benefit because it eliminates all the conducive properties of the insect’s livability.

Our job is not to overwhelm you with all the different possibilities of eliminating insects. We evaluate your home and its location to recommend a treatment that prevents the survivability of the pests. Find detailed descriptions of all our treatment methods and how they will reform your home.

Pest Control Riverside

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