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termite companies san Diego

Termites can be one of the worst issues you could face as a homeowner. Termites being little tiny insects may be harmful to you, but when it comes to your furniture and fittings, you are in for a shock.

Furniture and fittings always consist of one general material, which is wood. Wood has been and still is the major material used in the production of couches, cabinets, doors, floorings among other numerous components of a home.

While wood is very useful in making that ideal home, termites also see it as a haven to live and reproduce, so much so that if they gain entry into your home and you don’t properly implement corrective procedures you could see you all of the wood components in your home break apart one after the other.

How do you note that you might have a termite problem?

Noticing sawdust near furniture.

The easiest and proven way to know that you most likely have termites in any wooden fitting is the presence of sawdust. Sawdust is wooden particles and doesn’t occur out of the blue. They are signs that that furniture or fitting has termites in them.

It is best you immediately get in touch with some of the termite companies in san Diego or where you find yourself to get the best advice and have the issue addressed before other wood components in the home become infested.

There are however some producers you can put into play to prevent termites from spreading and ensure proper control of the situation. Some of them are;

1. Keep wood a fair distance away from the soil.

If you have a garden or life plants in your home, then you should keep them a fair distance away from wood. According to experts, eighteen inches should be target distance and this is a proven way to prevent termites from attacking the wood and furniture in your home.

Another way to go about this is by shielding the soil area with stones or cement as that serves as a physical barrier against termites.

2. Condition your wood with borate before priming and painting.

Borate is a very common termite repellent, so your wood should be properly sprayed as the chemical would soak into the wood, which would in turn prevent the termites from nibbling on it.

It is best t apply before any painting or priming as those could limit the injection speed or block it totally which would in turn reduce its effectiveness.

3. Place infected wood in the sun.

If you take note that your furniture has termites in it, then you can take it out and expose it to sunlight. This is a great way to curb the issue of termites, especially in the summer as termites cant stand the heat.

The heat would kill the termites and also remove moisture from the wood, thereby preventing chances of reinfestation in the future.

If you take note that you might have a termite issue on your hands in san Diego, then your best bet would be to reach out to Termite companies as they guarantee the most desired results.

One of such termite companies in San Diego that could be of service to you is Ecola, which you can reach out to by simply dialing 800-332-BUGS (2847)

termite companies san Diego

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