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Termite Control Los Angeles

ECOLA is a reputed company for termite control in Los Angeles. Our team of licensed and trained technicians uses the industry’s most advanced technology and methods to eradicate and prevent termite infestations at your home.

How to know if my home has a termite infestation?

One of the primary signs to watch out for is the presence of winged termites around the foundation, window sills, doors, and cabinets in your house. Also, look around your house for earthen “mud” tubes about the diameter of a pencil that protrude from over the foundation walls, sill plates, and support piers. These tubes are termite shelters and act as passages for termites to travel from one colony to another within your structure.

One of the biggest issues with a termite infestation is that these can infest your home for years without you detecting it. They can hide behind the walls, floor coverings, insulation, wooden furniture, etc. Schedule an inspection with a professional for termite control to identify the termite infestations in your property.

Does my whole house require termite control treatment or just the infested area

If you have a subterranean termite infestation, their colonies will contain thousands of individuals foraging in all different directions. In such cases, it is important to avoid localized “spot” treatment; instead, treat the entire house to prevent regrowths. Also, an experienced pest control firm will not offer warranty for spot treatments as the chance of termites returning through other points of entry is high.

Some pest control firms offer a “perimeter” application, where they use a liquid product like Termidor around the exterior of your entire house. Also, when you choose to treat your entire home, most companies offer a warranty for such treatments. This warranty will cover you against any retreatments at no additional charge. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property and recommend the most appropriate treatment for termite control in Los Angeles.

DIY techniques to get rid of termites

It is normal for most people to feel reluctant to try the chemical treatment for pest control due to its impact on the plants, pets, and young children in the family. However, an all-natural treatment can prove effective only in the prevention of pests and not in the extermination process. Try to hire a pest control firm that uses eco-friendly pest control products to minimize or avoid chemical exposure.

In the interim period, you can try spraying orange oil or boric acid on high-risk areas or infested areas in and around your home to kill the termites. Also, if you have termite-infested furniture, take it outside and allow it to dry in sunlight for 3-4 days for the heat to kill off any hiding termites.

Visit ecolatermite.com/homepage/contact/ or call (805) 522-4284 to schedule an appointment for termite control in Los Angeles. With a diverse mix of both traditional and alternative treatment approaches, At ECOLA, we use the most viable technique to eliminate pesky pests from your home or commercial space.

Termite Control Los Angeles

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