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Termite Control
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One of the most widely spread doctrines about homes is that they have to degrade after several years due to standard human occupancy. This perception rings true for homes that have poor maintenance. The opposite is the truth because modern structures can display a lot of integrity when one applies the right checkup and repair service.

The maintenance of your home might hang on luck when you live in a multi-unit structure. Termites can eat through the thin darkness and drywall between townhouses to infest the entire building within weeks. It becomes tough to upkeep your cherished home when the colonies disperse through every corner of the complex.

What to expect with termite control on multi-unit structures

Set a date

Townhomes and condos follow a slightly different termite control in Riverside with a termite patrol team. The Homeowners Association will manage the process by setting an agreed date to call for termite pest control in Riverside, termite patrol team. The following information will prepare you on the actualities of the day we arrive at your multiple-unit home.

Inspect everything

Only half of all the residents may be aware of the termites in their homes. Others may refute claims of possible infestation because they are afraid of the stigma that insects are a sign of a dirty house.

The only way to stop the regeneration of termites is to inspect every unit. The process may involve using an electrical gun to sense out their colonies or studying entry points like wall crevices to find a possible route. We look for the following signs:

  • Mud tubes – These are the muddy flat shelters that house termites.

  • Damaged wood – Wood with visible holes and nests is the most common cause of termites. Termites can also be present in a door, window, cabinet, or floor that has a hollow sound.

  • Droppings – Termite droppings have the shape of pellets and are rampant near the wooden areas of your apartment

  • Damaged wall or floor – Termites find safety in moist, dark areas and may create passages on your floor, causing a raise of the floorboard. The insects may also resort to nesting in your walls to avoid sunlight. The result will be cracks or peels or the paint

  • The undisputable signs of termites are their presence near light fixtures and openings that let it light. Check all entries like windows and heating vents for evidence of full-body termites or wings

Extensive extermination

Drive-by spraying is not enough for the complexity of a townhouse. The multi-unit households require intensive methods, and treatment of the following areas:

  • Swimming pool and playground
  • The exterior perimeter of the home, including meter box, dumpster area, and front yard
  • Extermination of standard rooms like the laundry and recreational areas

Ecola is fully capable of handling a townhouse complex because we have experience with many similar cases. The highly trained technicians use the highest quality of pest control methods and equipment to extinguish the most hidden termites in your home. Reach out today for a simple prep session that will ready us for your pest control treatment.

Termite Control Riverside Termite Patrol

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