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termite control san Diego

ECOLA is a preeminent company for termite control in San Diego with an expert team of technicians. Our termite control techniques minimize the use of chemical pesticides inside your house or business, and thereby protect your plants, pets, and young children from harmful exposures.

Can I treat the termites at home myself?

When you try to control termites at home by yourself, there is no sure shot way to say that you can have treated all the termite infested areas in your home. Ridding the termite colonies from your home requires special skills, a certain degree of knowledge in building construction, and extensive knowledge on what type of treatments and products work best on different types of termites. For starters, you need to have an eye for identifying the critical areas in your structure through which the termites are likely to enter.

Often, these potential points of entry are not easily detectable and can be difficult to access. As the leading firm for termite control in San Diego, we utilize specialized and latest equipment like powerful masonry drills, long metal rods, large-sized spray tanks, and gallons of eco-friendly liquid pesticides. All these tools are crucial to offering effective termite control services, and as a homeowner, you may not possess most of these tools, nor can you afford to buy these tools for a one time job. Termite treatment should be left to the hands of professionals to save yourself from huge home repairs in the future.

Can chemical termite treatment harm my pets or family members?

As a preeminent pest control company, we test all our termiticides extensively for their effects on human beings, plants, and animals. After repeated testing and years of ongoing research and development, we use the most effective proprietary pesticide/termiticide that is 100% eco-friendly and pet-safe.

We ensure 100% safety to you and family members with our extensive pre-treatment preparation measures. We also offer excellent cleanup services upon completion of the treatment process. All our liquid termiticide products have no odor and are highly effective in ridding termite infestations from your home.

Signs that warn termite infestation

Inspect your home regularly for “carton” and “frass,” which are the excreta of termites. Another sign to watch out for is mud tunnels on the ground, through which termites travel from one colony to another. Also, if you have cracks in your house’s foundation or other structural issues, it can make it extremely easy for the termites to enter your structure.

If you suspect a termite infestation in a certain area in your house that contains wood, try to knock on it. If it sounds hollow or papery, it is probably because the termites have eaten all the timber inside. Also, if you have stiff windows or warped doors at home, there is a good chance its because of termites.

Call (858) 488-2847 to speak to one of us at our ECOLA office in San Diego or visit https://www.ecolatermite.com/homepage/contact/. We offer affordable termite control in San Diego and use eco-friendly products to curb regrowth in the future.

termite control san Diego

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