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Termite Control Ventura

As a homeowner, your property constitutes a more substantial proportion of your investment. However, termites’ infestation on your property can quietly and quickly depreciate and devalue your home. The only way to prevent termite damage commences with the right knowledge about termites and their necessary preventive measures.

Here are answers to frequently asked question from clients who seek an effective termite control in Ventura. Read on to learn more!

When is the termite season?

Termites wait for no specific season before they appear; they are always active throughout the whole year. A lot of Americans perceive spring as the beginning of termite season because it is when the swarmers (a subterranean termite species) appear. However, termites feed and reproduce all year round. Their kind of life cycle allows them to be more or less active through each season.

During spring, most subterranean termites swarm. Dry wood termite is one of the most significant species of the subterranean termites that swarm during the late and fall summer month.

There are also many other subterranean termites species, but they don’t swarm at the same time. For example, the dampwood termites fall into this species and typically swarm in the summer month. Termites’ species swarming period generally varies from one another based on favourable conditions such as weather, moisture, and timing. However, separation in termites swarming period might be a few days or even time of the day.

Call us today for your home or business termite control in Ventura if you notice any. Our expert will use effective and professional methods to get rid of them after thorough inspection and detection of any sign of termite infestation.

What Are the Causes of Termite Infestation In A Home?

Pest doesn’t just invade a home without a cause. They strictly adhere to their natural intuition to find favourable conditions for survival. The case is also the same with termites. It’s necessary to have full knowledge of what they find appealing in your homes so that you can get rid of such attraction.

Firewood and Mulch

Storing firewood and mulch too close to the home can likely allow termites to invade your house freely. Firewood should be appropriately stored at a minimum distance of at least 20 feet away from home. As well as mulch, they retain moisture and can also attract termites to your home. Mulch is better kept above 15 inches from your foundation.


Some termite species thrive well in damp soil and find moisture conditions appealing. Always endeavour to keep your yard dry by finding and sealing all water leaks, fix leaking AC units, and always divert rainwater that stores with down-spout extenders. A dehumidifier can be used to maintain a dry condition indoor.

Improper Drainage

Cleaning the gutter is never a chore, but, it’s an essential activity to keep away termite. Termites find clogged drains and moisture surfaces attractive. Failure to remove twigs or leaves build up in your drain, it softens and rotten your roof, which can allow termites to penetrate your home. Regularly cleaning the gutter reduces the risk termite invasion by preventing a rotting roof.

Termite infestations can drag down the structural stability of a home, and wreck thousands of dollars in damage, with no one’s consent. It’s advisable to get a termite inspection done by a professional pest control service. For your termite control in Ventura, Ecola Termite and Pest Control is the answer.

Termite Control Ventura

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