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Termites Riverside

At ECOLA, we use highly effective non-chemical alternatives to treat termites in Riverside. Our licensed team of inspectors uses the most viable approach to eliminate the termite infestation from your property without causing harm to your pets, plants, and children.

Types of termites and the damages they cause

Termites are a hazard to your home as well as the people living in it. Here is a list of some of the common types of termites and the damages they cause:

  • Subterranean termites – These are known as ground termites, and they feed on wood. They live in colonies underground and feed on the wooden parts of your structure, thereby causing severe damage to your home foundation, plastic pipes, insulation, support beams, etc.

  • Drywood termites – These live above ground or on trees and places with moisture. They can feed on the wood in your attics, doorframes, window frames, etc., which can lead to costly home repairs.

  • Dampwood termites – This kind of termites build colonies in damp and decaying wood. House with moisture or plumbing issues can often suffer from a damp wood termite infestation.

Besides these common kinds of termites, there is also the Formosan termites. This breed of termites is highly destructive, and they infest on wood and cellulose-based goods. We help our clients get rid of termites in Riverside once and for all at an affordable price.

Home remedies to get rid of termites

While you can try a couple of home remedies to get rid of termites, there is no guarantee that it will destroy the entire termite colony or the infestation. The best way to address a termite infestation is to call a professional termite management or pest control company to solve the situation for you. Nevertheless, here are a couple of natural treatments that you can try at home for termite control.

A breed of parasitic worms called the Nematodes loves to prey on termites. You can buy a can of these tiny worms either at a specialty store or online, and release them in the termite infested area at home. Nematodes will reproduce and continue to munch on more and more of the termites until the entire colony is gone. Another proven technique is to mix half a cup of vinegar with lemon juice and spray it all around the area with termites.

Top signs of termite infestation

If you spot termite swarmers or the discarded wings near the doors or windowsills in your house, it is a sign of a termite infestation. Also, if you spot mud tubes near the foundation of your home, you need to take action to destroy the subterranean termite infestation in your house. Besides, try knocking on the wooden doors, cabinets, and furniture in your house, if it sounds hollow, it may signify a termite infestation. Blistering pieces of wood around your house also warns a termite infestation.

ECOLA is a leading pest control services provider, and we specialize in eliminating termites in Riverside. We a team of trained and experienced technicians, we use the most proven approaches to destroy the termite infestation in your residential and commercial spaces.

Termites Riverside

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