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Ventura Pest Control

ECOLA is the #1 Ventura pest control provider, and we are an ETEX LTD. certified company. We use highly advanced Electro-Gun equipment and heat treatments to eradicate pest infestations from your home.

Top reasons to choose our pest control services

We are one of the few termite management companies to use environmentally friendly products to destroy termite infestations in both residential and commercial spaces. We use a combination of both traditional treatments like fumigation, Termidor, and foam/precision injection along with alternative treatments like electro-gun, borates, etc.

We examine the severity and type of termite infestation in your house and recommend an appropriate treatment course. We also prepare your plants and lawn before the pest control process to ensure zero damage or chemical exposure. We also offer excellent clean-up services after treatment and make your home 100% habitable. With impressive experience and a licensed team of operators, we are a reliable Ventura pest control service provider with BBB accreditation.

Tips to prevent household pests

While some pests are seasonal, some can be active all-round the year. When dealing with pests at home, prevention is key. For starters, seal all the cracks and holes in your home to keep pests like rodents, bugs, cockroaches, and ants from entering your house.

Also, fix any plumbing issues at home or missing or broken shingles in your roof as moisture can invite pests into your home and lead to bigger problems. Try to trim off all shrubbery and branches that hang directly above your home or chafe against the walls or foundation of your home as these branches can become the entry points for insects and pests to enter your property.

Common pests and the structural damages they cause

Nothing scares a homeowner like the unprecedented discovery of destructive pests chewing away parts of their house. Here are the top three pests that can cause serious damage to your house:

  • Powderpost beetles – The larvae of powderpost beetles leave powdery waste after feeding on the wood that resembles dust and can cause allergies. Beetle infestation can lead to the appearance of unattractive tiny round holes on walls and wooden structures in your house.
  • Termites – Formosan termites are common pests that can invade your home with their aggressive behavior and massive colonies. This kind of termite can cause structural damage to your house by feeding on the wood in the roof, basement, and in the humid parts of your house.
  • Carpenter ants – Worker carpenter ants look black and feed on other insects and organic materials. These pesky creatures do not feed on wood but create a hollow on the wooden structures in your house for nesting.

Besides these, flies, wasps, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are some of the other common house pests. Call (805) 983-1683 to schedule a pest control service. ECOLA is a leading Ventura pest control services provider, and we offer exceptional pest management services at affordable prices. From bees, wasps, and ants to crickets, rats, and termites, we use the most eco-friendly products to treat your environment and surroundings and destroy all kinds of pest infestations.

Ventura Pest Control

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