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Fun Day at Work is Every Day at Work

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January 28th is a day many businesses look forward to because it’s National Fun Day at Work, a day when games, shenanigans, and tomfoolery bring a bit of needed silliness and comradery to the office.

Why Fun Day?

Each and every day of an Ecola pest control specialist is a busy one that involves both physical exertion and strategic thinking. Part hunter, part detective, your Ecola worker is completely focused on finding and eradicating pests. From termite control and rodent control to bed bug removal, many skills are employed to leave your home pest-free.

Because our employees are our greatest asset, creating and maintaining a respectful, fulfilling, and enthusiastic work environment is important to us. And that includes making sure we all have a bit of fun. While pests in your home are definitely no laughing matter, it’s good to know that the Ecola pest control specialist who comes to your home likes his chosen profession and is ready to serve your needs with enthusiasm.

An Employee’s Point of View

One of our employees recently spoke of his work experience at Ecola, “Ecola is definitely a team-oriented company where friendship, learning, and sharing is encouraged. I always feel appreciated, and that makes me want to do my very best. We always look forward to National Fun Day at Work, but truth is—we have a little fun here year-round.”

So when you think about how to kill roaches, how to kill bed bugs, or how to kill ants, give Ecola Pest and Termite a call and let one of our professionals happily and handily help you keep your home free of pests. Or visit Ecola’s website or and fill out the attached form for more information.

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