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Give Dad a Break! Call a Rodent Control Technician

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With Father’s Day coming up you may be browsing the web for fun ties, grilling accessories and golf gear to give to your pops. Instead of opting for a predictable present, why not give your dad a day off? Take “Get rid of mice problem” off his to-do list by hiring a rodent control specialist. Below, Ecola Termite and Pest Control Services of California shares three reasons your entire family will benefit from turning over this task to the professionals.

3 Reasons to Hire a Rodent Control Technician and Give Dad a Break

1. Get the Job Done Faster

How long has your father been trying to get rid of the mice, squirrels, or rats in your home? While he may have done some YouTubing in an attempt to find better methods of rodent control, he probably doesn’t have the tools and know-how of someone who has been specially educated in this skill. Experienced technicians will be able to assess the rodent issue and address it much faster thanks to their knowledge and training.

2. Extensive Cleanup

Your dad can vacuum up rodent messes that are left behind after they have been removed from your home. However, does he know how to clean and sanitize the areas where the rodents lived to ensure your house doesn’t harbor bad odors and diseases? A rodent control technician can remove contaminated materials before sanitizing and deodorizing the area to minimize the effects of their presence.

3. He Deserves it!

Give your dad a break. He’s probably been checking rat traps on the daily and trying to devise new ways to catch them. Ensure your pops has more time to enjoy the things he loves like grilling, golfing and spending time with loved ones thanks to the help of rodent control professionals.
To request a free estimate from Ecola today call (800) 332-BUGS (2847). With seven locations from San Diego to Paso Robles, you’re sure to find one that services your area with rodent control, termite and bed bug inspections, and exterminations. Ask about the company’s eco-friendly methods like Ecola Heat™ and EcoSMART products if you’re sensitive to chemicals or want to use more green-friendly extermination alternatives.

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