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How to Termite-Proof New Construction

A Helpful Guide to Pre-Treating New Construction for Termites

Keeping termites out of a structure is difficult enough after it’s complete. During construction, there are innumerable opportunities for these tiny critters to gain access. Being proactive and treating the property beforehand is the key to preventing future infestations. It creates an unwelcoming environment and causes them to look elsewhere. Here’s a closer look to help you determine the best approach.

  1. Apply Borate

Borate is a preservative that you can apply directly to the wood. While it soaks deep into the grains, it won’t cause any amount of discoloration. Instead, it creates an invisible barrier that naturally repels termites.

The reason why borate is an effective solution for pre-construction treatment is because it won’t risk any delays. You don’t have to wait for the soil to dry and can keep the workers on site without having to deal with toxic fumes.

  1. Eliminate Old Materials

Cleaning up the property is not only essential for construction, but also for termite prevention. These insects aren’t picky when it comes to the type of wood that they eat and everything from old stumps to log piles will become an instant attractant.

Even the wooden forms around the concrete should all come out once that portion of the project is complete. This will lower the risk of rot and prevent the termites from digging in close to the home.

  1. Correct the Slope

The property should slope away from the structure to maintain proper drainage. Water that pools around the foundation could provide a reliable source and encourage an infestation to take hold. Having the experts redirect the runoff will protect against erosion and cause pests to seek shelter elsewhere.

If you’re dealing with termites, reach out to the termite experts at Ecola Termite & Pest Control Services. With more than 40 years of experience, this local pest control company has been supplying top-notch treatments to clients all throughout California, from Santa Maria to San Diego. Their technicians maintain full licensing and have been named “Best Green Exterminator” by LA Magazine. Call (800)471-BUGS (2847) today and start managing those pesky pests. Free estimates cheerfully quoted over the phone!

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