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Make Your Sunny Days Even Brighter (and Pest-Free) with ECOLA

Summer’s here! Time to hit the beach, fire up the grill, and enjoy the outdoors. At least, that’s what we humans do. Pests, on the other hand, tend to flock indoors during the summer months. Warm temperatures and drought force pests and rodents to seek food and comfort indoors. That’s why it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to see more mosquitoes, ants, termite swarmers, spiders, and rodents on their property during the summertime. It just comes with the territory of sunny weather. Don’t worry though, because the staff here at ECOLA is more than ready to chase those pesky creatures away. Our green pest management and green pest control solutions are sure to keep insects and rodents off your property so you can enjoy the season without having to worry about itches, bites, or infestations. Expect nothing less but the utmost professionalism from ECOLA At ECOLA, you won’t just get top-notch pest management services; you’ll be working with a truly dedicated and professional team as well. One of the main reasons why our customers keep coming back (aside from our Integrated Pest Management solutions, of course) is our superior customer service. Each and every ECOLA sales rep and technician embodies the company’s dedication to keeping customers happy and worry-free. You can expect our staff members to make your sunny days even brighter this summer. Whether you’re calling us to just do a routine check on your home or you need more extensive pest management services, you can count on each ECOLA professional to be there for you with a smile on their face and an attitude that’s pleasant towards customers, but tough on pests. Call us today! Summer has just begun, and now is the perfect time to pest-proof your property. Don’t give those insects and rodents a chance to enter your home. Contact us today and we’ll get right on the job faster than you can say “infestation.” Give ECOLA a call at 800-332-BUGS for a free estimate!

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