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New “Super-Termite” Species Invades Southern California

As if homeowners didn’t have enough to worry about, now there’s a new super-termite on the rise in California. The Formosan termite is an invasive species and a subspecies of the native-to-America subterranean termite.

Pestworld says they are “the most voracious, aggressive and devious of over 2,000 termite species known to science, chewing through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected.” They are called super-termites because they form enormous colonies of up to two million and can cause significant structural damage to a home within six years, as opposed to traditional drywood termites, which need 10 to 15 years to create similar damage.

Homeowner Prevention

To make your home less attractive to any species of termite, you should:

  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home.
  • Divert outdoor water away from your home.
  • Eliminate moisture within your home by decreasing humidity in your attic, basement, and crawlspace.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts unclogged.
  • Inspect your foundation for the mud tubes termites use to travel from outside to inside.
  • Maintain at least a 1-inch gap between the soil and the wood of your home.

Early Detection With a Termite Inspection

Because Formosan termites are difficult to control and their damage is expensive to repair, Ecola recommends an annual termite inspection to catch these pests as quickly as possible. Hopefully, your home will be found clean of termites.

But, should you need termite control services, identifying the type of termite that has invaded your home takes a licensed pest control technician. Once identified, the specialist can present the best corrective action to take.

Ecola provides free termite inspections, so the sooner you call 800-471-BUGS (2847), the sooner you can be on the road to a home with a clean bill of health. Ecola is also a leader in alternative termite treatments that are family and eco-friendly. Don’t let the threat of termites weigh heavy on your mind. Schedule your free inspection right away.

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