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Our​ ​National​ ​Courtesy​ ​Month​ ​Offer​ ​to​ ​You

Ecola Termite & Pest Control Inspector

It’s amazing how much better the world can be when courtesy takes top priority. We at Ecola strive to make every month courtesy month. We only wish household pests would share the same sentiment and have the courtesy to stay away.

Every homeowner has experienced the audacious way some pests such as ants or rodents boldly invade our pantries, while others, like termites or roaches, hide from view. Each has their own style when it comes to disrespecting your home, belongings, comfort, and health.

Since September is the official ‘National Courtesy Month”, we are offering a free estimate to help you eradicate those unwanted, uncourteous, and uninvited guests. Your free estimate will help safeguard your largest investment and family haven. Most homeowners discover they have termites when they find evidence of the damage they cause. By that time, repairs have become quite extensive and costly. Why not let a professional catch a problem early while damage is minimal and termite treatment is contained?

Furthermore, our free estimate might provide your home with a clean bill of health. Wouldn’t that be a relief to find out! Did you know that Ecola can help you sustain a healthy environment with preventative measures like rodent proofing and TAP insulation? During your free estimate, an Ecola specialist can show you where your home is vulnerable to rodents and other pests so you can make your home less of a target.

In addition, TAP insulation is proving to be an effective method for preventing pests, as well as lowering costs on heating and cooling. TAP insulation is a patented product that contains environmentally-friendly pest control materials. In addition to controlling pests and saving on energy bills, it is also fire resistant and absorbs sound.

Ecola specializes in alternative pest and termite control treatments designed to fit your lifestyle. So during National Courtesy Month, let us pay you the courtesy of a free estimate and termite inspection to learn how we help homeowners prevent or eradicate pests from your home.

Call for your free estimate today at 1 (800) 332-BUGS (2847) or fill out the attached form. You can also visit TermiteLady.com.

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