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For nearly 40 years, we’ve earned a reputation for superior expertise in pest control, combining traditional and alternative methods to serve customers the way we’d want our own families to be served.

When you book your free pest inspection, a certified technician will help you diagnose your pest problem, analyze potential vulnerabilities, and discuss potential solutions. You’ll gain clarity on next steps, even if you don’t hire our services!

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We’re proud to be voted Best Termite & Pest Control Company by LA Daily News readers for 8 consecutive years!

The best testament to Ecola is when customers return and refer us to people they love.

We Care & Will Do It Right the First Time!

High-Efficiency. Low-Toxicity. Eco-Friendly.

You can have powerful pest control without harmful chemicals! Ecola is on the forefront of eco-friendly methods to combat termites, rodents and other pests without exposing your family or animals to toxic fumes.

Though we also offer traditional pest control solutions, we’ve found that in many cases, Ecola’s non-chemical treatments are the most convenient, effective and economic options to rid your property of pests.

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We’re in your

With multiple locations and decades of service, chances are we’ve served some of your neighbors!

Mother-Approved Services, From Our Family to Yours

Meet Sue Fries, the Termite Lady! Sue started Ecola 40 years ago, spurred by a personal mission to protect her son, who battled chronic asthma. Whether you’re chemically sensitive, immune-compromised, have asthma or other concerns about the use of chemicals, Ecola experts will guide you to your ideal solution.

Just as important, we know our success depends on your satisfaction. It’s why Ecola services are backed by a generous warranty.

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Prevent Pests & Lower Expenses with TAP Insulation

TAP® insulation helps you keep warmth in, pests out, and energy costs low. It’s pest control that pays for itself with energy savings!

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What Am I Dealing With?

Though pest signs, behaviors and solutions vary greatly, we’ve compiled a few resources below to help you discern what you’re dealing with. Need more guidance? Call us at 800-332-BUGS (2847) to request a free pest inspection!


Signs include:
Mud tunnels, discarded wings, droppings that look like multicolored coffee grounds
DIY prevention includes:

  • Store firewood away from your home.
  • Check logs for signs of termites.
  • Keep mulch, wet leaves or decaying wood from touching your house.
  • Check for leaky pipes or moisture.
  • Check fences for evidence of wood damage.

Helpful links:

Subterranean termites
Drywood termites


Termites Playlist


Signs include:
Droppings, gnaw marks, waxy rub marks, noises at night, scratching, bad odors, restless pets
DIY prevention includes:

  • Seal cracks. Rodents can fit into holes as small as a quarter.
  • Don’t keep pet food in bowls in the backyard. Feed them indoors instead.
  • Don’t overlook kitchen crumbs! Easy-to-forget places include under the toaster oven and the base of the fridge.
  • De-clutter and store important items in sealed plastic tubs.

Helpful links:



Rats & Rodents Playlist


Signs include:
Spotting bugs in your home or having bugs invade your cookouts or backyard fun!
DIY prevention includes:

  • Vacuum frequently and reduce clutter on floors.
  • Seal food sources.
  • Keep garbage cans closed.
  • Seal cracks and crevices (like gaps between baseboard and walls).
  • Inspect used furniture before bringing it into your home.
  • When staying at a hotel, never place luggage, bags or clothes on the floor or bed.
  • Check for leaky spigots in the yard.

Helpful links:

Bug finder


Bed Bugs and Fleas
Bees and Wasps

Licensed Killers Problem solvers
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Ecola Bug Finder

Educate yourself on the type of bugs you can find in
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