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Protect Yourself from the Danger of Fire Ants

While often overlooked, fire ants can be extremely dangerous to humans and their safety. Fire ants are noticeable by their distinct color and the large mounds they build in open areas to house the large numbers of ants in the colonies. The fire ant uses its mandibles; to bite, get a grip, sting from their abdomen, and inject venom into its prey.

That prey is sometimes human.

A big part of controlling the population of fire ants that may surround your home or business is to know exactly what needs to be done. What insecticides can be used, how to inspect an area for fire ants and what is needed to control them from an outbreak. What you need is a company like Ecola Termite and Pest Control that understands the process of controlling fire ant populations and knows how to take care of any issues you may encounter.

While people vary in the way their body reacts to the sting of a fire ant, it could range anywhere from slight irritation to serious medical problems — or death — should they have allergic reactions to the sting. There are ways to deal with stinging ants that will help with the irritation or pain, but the easiest way to handle the situation is to prevent it before it even happens. Working with Ecola Termite & Pest Control before hand will set you up and get you in the clear of any colonies of fire ants before anything can go wrong.

When it comes to fire ants, these are things that you should remember:

  • Stay clear of fire ant mounds – Plain and simple, fire ants do not like to be disturbed and disturbing their mound could aggravate them, causing them to bite and sting you. If you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.
  • Let children and other visitors know – You don’t want young children to go play around the mound or risk them disturbing the ants. Teach the children about what fire ants are and what they can do to you. Also, alert visitors to the presence of the fire ants and mounds.  Make sure to check sandboxes before letting little ones play in them.
  • Be quick – If you are aware that there are ants on you, be sure to be quick with your reaction to remove them from your body. The longer they are on you, the more chance they have to latch on and sting you.

Above all else, when you notice an outbreak of fire ants or mounds on your property, make a call and get it taken care of. Ecola Termite and Pest Control can do the job of preventing or controlling all of your fire ant issues with ease.

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