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Recommended Tips Tailored for Your Home and Landscape

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Termites are a homeowner’s most unwanted guests. Unsurprisingly enough, when you find termites in your home, the chances are great that they found their way into your home from your yard.

Most termites live on dead wood, but there are several species that also live and feed on live plants and trees. The Formosan termite, a tropical species, was first discovered in Southern California in 1992. Thought to have been brought to California from Hawaii, they are particularly destructive. While all termites prefer to feed on the wood of declining or dead trees, some, including the Formosan termite, will choose healthy trees as well.

If you suspect termites in your home, look for telltale mud tunnels on the tree trunks in your yard. Take a shovel and dig around the roots of your trees where the termites can find the moisture they need to thrive. Also, keep your eyes open for swarmers in late spring or summer just after a rain.

Reducing the Risk of Termites in Your Yard

  • Remove old stumps from your yard.
  • Keep your yard clean from fallen branches and debris.
  • Leave a mulch-free barrier between your landscaping and your home.
  • Don’t store firewood close to your home.
  • Trim your trees of dead branches.
  • Don’t put trellises against your home.

Termites in trees can create hazards. Eating your trees from the inside, they can make it unstable and unable to support itself. One fallen branch can injure someone simply enjoying the summer shade. A falling tree can also damage your home or even a neighbor’s home depending on how close to the property line the tree is and in what direction it falls.

Termite Control in Your Yard

There are methods to control pest termites in the trees of your yard. The first step is to begin with a termite inspection to determine the best method of termite treatment. You never want to ignore termites simply because they are outside. Over time, they will find their way to your home.

Ecola has licensed specialists trained in both natural termite control and traditional methods of eradicating termites from your trees. We firmly believe in individualized solutions that are tailored to the best interests of your family, home, and property. Once the termites are gone, Ecola can provide you with a plan to prevent any reinfestation.

Get Regular Termite Checkups

Because your home is not only your largest investment, but a haven to you and your family, regular checkups are a wise precaution. And termites aren’t the only pests you and Ecola should be on the lookout for. Ecola knows how to kill ants, roaches, and bed bugs in your home.

Call us today for your free termite inspection at 1-800-332-2847 or quote over the phone for pest control.

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