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Resolutions for a Pest-Controlled New Year

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As the New Year begins, almost all of us make resolutions, whether we voice them out loud or not. Working toward having a pest-free year is not the most exciting resolution, but one worthy of adopting if you are a homeowner. It’s a New Year’s resolution that can provide big benefits: better health for you and your family, better protection of your home’s financial worth, greater monetary savings by staving off the more severe pest problems and giving you and your family greater home enjoyment.

Getting Organized for a Pest-Free Year!

While this may look like a big list, think of it as developing good habits for a happy (and organized) home. Get the family involved. When completed together, these chores take less time to maintain than you would think, and the results will allow everyone to enjoy your home more.

  • Keep a Clean Kitchen. Pests like ants, mice, and roaches thrive in homes where food is shared with them. Keep counters clean and keep food in sealed plastic containers and canisters.

  • Seal Your Home’s Perimeter. The number one way pests get into your home is through gaps around doors and windows, and cracks in your foundation. Patrol the outside of your home armed with a caulking gun and apply a generous bead wherever you find gaps. Check to see if your weatherstripping needs replacing. Eliminate drafts because if air can get in, so can pests.

  • Make Yard Work a Priority. Pests live and hide in vegetation. Then as the weather gets colder, they move into your home for food and warmth. Trim bushes, eliminate piles of leaves and store firewood away from the house. A cleaner yard will also give you a more beautiful outdoor area to enjoy.

  • Repair Leaks. Pests like roaches or silverfish thrive when they have a convenient water source. Make sure your plumbing is tight.

  • Declutter. Pests like spiders, roaches, termites and even bed bugs seek out cluttered areas to hide in. Cardboard boxes, piles of clothes, magazines and other extra items provide safe havens and breeding areas. The best strategy for rodent control and bug deterrent is to seal the things you need in plastic containers and have a yard sale or donate the items that are just gathering dust.

  • Partner with a Licensed Pest Control Company. Make this the year you sign up for a regular service to deter pests. Ecola, for instance, provides a free termite inspection that can help you catch any termite control problem early to minimize not only damage but expenses too. Should you require termite treatment, Ecola specializes in natural termite control which is just as effective but gentler on family and pets.

Ecola Pest and Termite stands ready to help you make your New Year Resolution a reality. Visit Ecola’s website or and fill out the attached form. Or simply call 1-800-332-BUGS (2847) for your free termite inspection today.

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