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Shelter from the Storm

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There’s an adage that talks about having enough sense to come in out of the rain. Sometimes it may appear that every pest known to mankind abides by this adage. Bugs and other pests are forced to flee their outdoor homes as the holes, cracks, burrows, and sewers in which they live become flooded. Looking for higher, drier ground, your home looks like the perfect shelter from the storm.

During and after a rainy season is a prime time for infestations to occur as these pests walk, fly, scurry, and squeeze into the smallest of cracks in your home.

Batten Down the Hatches

Springtime, when rains are at their heaviest, is the time to do your best to secure your home from pests. Termite control, rodent control, and more begins with making your home and surrounding property as invulnerable as possible.

  • Make sure the lid to your garbage container is secure.
  • Keep your lawn and shrubs trimmed and free of debris.
  • Seal cracks in screens, windows, and your foundation.
  • Store attic, garage, and basement supplies in sealed plastic.

Termite Control

Termites swarm into the foundation and structure of your home looking for food and shelter soon after the rain. These tiny terrors cause more damage than earthquakes, fires, and tornados. To control pest termite, the best solution is to schedule a free termite inspection with a trusted and experienced pest control company such as Ecola. Ecola is a leader in natural pest control solutions and can provide both preventative and remedial help, offering an array of natural termite control solutions.

Ecola Termite & Pest Control Gutter

Ecola for All Your Pest Control Needs

Rainy days are also an ideal time to find roaches, rodents, ants and more heading into your home. Ecola specializes in eradicating pests of every kind from your home. In business for over 30 years, we know how to kill ants, how to kill bed bugs, how to kill roaches, and more. Whether you need rodent control, termite control, or bed bug removal, we can keep your home happy, healthy and pest free – come rain or shine. Call us today to learn more.

For more information on treatment, or to schedule a free termite inspection, contact ECOLA Termite and Pest Control Services at (800) 332-BUGS (2847), or fill out the attached form.

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