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Summer BBQ Tips from the Termite Lady

Summer BBQ Tips from the Termite Lady

Is there anything else that screams ‘It’s summer!’ more than a BBQ? Whether a gathering of family and friends on the weekend or just a weeknight indulgence with the family, BBQs are a summer staple. The aroma and the taste of food cooked outdoors are mouthwatering – not just to you, but to the nearby pests who feel they have the right to crash your party.

The Buzz About Backyard BBQs

Insects and other pests love the warm weather. BBQ season is the time of year they thrive – mating and setting out to start new nests. BBQ crashers such as ants, mosquitoes, bees, and flies are just a few of the familiar and unwanted characters. One of the biggest problems is that while they’re in your yard trying to hone in on your outdoor meal, they’re also eyeing your home for cozy quarters.

There are solutions you can try to keep pests away from your BBQ.

  • Pests don’t like the smell of rosemary or sage, so place a few sprigs directly on top of your smoldering coals. They also don’t like the smell of lavender or mint, so a few small pots as table decorations are useful deterrents.

  • Place a mixture of garlic water in a spray bottle and spray your outdoor lights. When they heat up as they are turned on, the faint smell will keep bugs away from your lights.

  • Try placing a few decoy sugary treats yards away from your gathering about 20 minutes before food is served. Some flat soda or a piece of fruit will lure them away from the real food scene.

When Pests Persist

For some pest problems, nothing works like calling in the experts. Getting rid of ants can sometimes be a frustrating and stubborn problem that home remedies can’t solve – especially the Argentine ants of Southern California. And BBQ season is also timed perfectly with termite season.

Ecola specializes in natural termite control and ant control solutions that will allow you to fully enjoy your summertime fun. Just call 1-800-332-BUGS (2847) and ask about our free inspection and a specialized bait treatment monitoring device as a termite preventative measure.

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