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Summertime Rodent Control

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Many people mistakenly believe that since rodents most often enter homes in the fall and winter, looking for warmth and shelter, that they leave again when the weather turns warmer. But this is not the case. Rodents who’ve enjoyed the comfort of your hospitality throughout the winter are likely to stay put in the nests they’ve made because now, they have access to a reliable food source and have most likely reproduced. Without the disruption in their environment caused by rodent control tactics, rats and mice have no motivation to leave your home.

The most common rodents, roof rats, Norway rats and house mice, are known as commensal rodents, which means they have adapted to living close to humans and eat the same food. This is bad news for homeowners as they are not only destructive but carry many diseases that pose a serious risk to families.

Eradicating Rodents

Because rodents will gnaw through wires which can cause fires and the disruption of phone and data services, rodent control is best left to a pest control professional who can rid your home of this vermin. In addition, here are some ways you can keep rodents from coming back:

  • Don’t leave your pet’s food and water bowls out overnight as rodents will not only eat, but take bits of food back with them into your walls, basement, or attic.
  • Make sure your inside and outdoor garbage container are always shut tight.
  • Look for gaps in exterior walls, your foundation, window screens, and door sweeps where mice and rats can squeeze through.
  • Keep all food in closed, plastic containers.

Ecola is a smart choice for any rodent infestation. They employ many natural, yet effective tactics for ridding your house of unwanted pests. With a long-standing track record and expert knowledge on how to kill ants, how to kill bed bugs, and how to kill roaches, Ecola is also a great choice for natural termite control. Call today for a free termite inspection. Whether you need rodent control or termite treatment, Ecola’s expert inspectors can help you achieve permanent control over household pests.

Contact ECOLA Termite and Pest Control Services at (800) 332-BUGS (2847), or fill out the attached form.

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