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Subterranean Termite

Termite Control

You take pride in your home. It protects your family, houses your memories, and symbolizes your achievements. It’s truly your biggest investment.

But, there is a plague that affects thousands of homes in Californians each year – termites. Their efforts to colonize your home are unrelenting – they will fly through the air, tunnel through the ground, or perhaps they were fortunate enough to already be living in the wood that was used to build your home. The worst part is a colony can live in your home for over 5 years before they leave signs that they’re there. While termites are small, their hunger for wood is large, and your home is the main course.

Termite Prevention Tips, Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects

ECOLA works to guard your home from termites by offering you smart choices and simple solutions. We are experts in the use of non-chemical and low-toxicity Alternative Termite Treatments. For over 30 years+ ECOLA, our expert termite inspectors have been individualizing treatment solutions that minimize chemical use and the hassle of solving your termite problem.

Why do I need an individualized solution?

Our inspectors are out to make solving your termite problems simple for you and address your needs and concerns. We get it: you just want the termites dead with minimal hassle to you and your family. Sure, we can fumigate every termite problem we encounter, but sometimes fumigation is just too much of a hassle. That’s why we individualize a solution for every customer.

ECOLA starts by having one of its licensed inspectors visit your home. A complete inspection of the property will help to locate termite colonies in and around your home. Once these locations are identified, the inspector can then develop a solution that fits your specific situation. Oftentimes, termites will only colonize a part of your home. By identifying these areas we can use a local treatment solution such as ECOLA Heat, Electro-Gun, borates (salt treatments), EcoSmart products or precision injection to treat them.

When a termite infestation is extensive we will often recommend a full-structure treatment. Depending on your needs and concerns we may prescribe ECOLA Heat or traditional Fumigation. In fact, according to the California Department of Consumer Affairs heat and fumigation are the only two treatment solutions suitable for full-structure or “whole-house” termite eradication.

You may also be concerned about the use of chemicals in your home. Often-times people with allergies, asthma, immune deficiencies, or people who are just concerned about chemical use will want us to develop a treatment solution for them. Our expertise in a wide variety of Alternative Treatments makes ECOLA specially equipped to service their needs.

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