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Termite Lady Nominated Woman Business Owner of the Year

An all-around person who country dances, volunteers, and hosts a popular radio show, Susan Fries, is one of the only women business owners in her field – pest control. Her understanding of the business, that her customers not only want to get rid of bugs, but must do so in a way that is safe to family, employees and pets, has led her to be a leader in the industry.

Running a green business, not only in product but also in practice, is a hallmark of her achievements. She also is a strong proponent of women in the workforce and fosters and encourages her female employees to continue their education and grow in all ways.

Susan was nominated by the Agoura/Oak Park/Conejo Valley/Calabasas Chamber of Commerce. One of the Chamber’s executives, Alex Soteras said, “Susan is a model business owner who illustrates how businesses can get involved in the community by bringing people together and making things happen. Our chamber is very proud of her.”

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