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Termites – Scarier than Your Ugliest Christmas Sweater

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Imagine this – It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and when you open the carton in your basement where your winter sweaters reside, you find that something’s been eating away at the soft wool of the ugly sweater you’re supposed to wear to a party tonight. Before you chalk the damage up to moths, pick out another sweater, and forget the whole thing, you should stop and remember that they are not the only household pests that feast on clothing. Termites are also attracted to both your clothing and the carton in which they’re packed. So, while you might find yourself putting on a back up ugly sweater on December 15th, December 16 might be the day to consider termite control.

Why My Favorite Ugly Sweater?!

The wood that termites are known to munch on is composed of cellulose – the same material as cardboard cartons and natural fiber clothing. Unfortunately, if termites have eaten your ugly sweater, you have a much more serious problem to think about – the damage they may be causing to your home.

 Termite Control

Termites and the damage they cause can be difficult to spot. Calling a pest control company such as Ecola is a wise move. Ecola can provide you with a free termite inspection. Should they find termites in your home, there are natural termite control options available that are effective and family-friendly. Call 800-332-BUGS (2847), fill out the attached form or visit TermiteLady.com to schedule your free termite inspection.

Looking for a preventative option that lowers your bills? TAP Insulation, is one of the newest innovations in pest control. Made of 87% recycled paper and low impact boric acid, it is both ecologically and family-friendly. Because it’s a high-quality insulation, it lowers utility bills and provides insulation from noise too. The boric acid in TAP insulation is also an effective solution for killing roaches or for rodent control.

Want to Work for Ecola?

If eliminating household pests interests you, Ecola is also looking to hire – no ugly sweater required. Good benefits are included, and experience in pest control services is not necessary – just a willingness to learn how to kill roaches, how to kill bed bugs, and how to kill ants.

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