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The Blueberry-Termite Connection

The connection between blueberries and termites is more direct than one would think. In order to thrive, blueberries need full sun and plenty of water—the very thing that also promotes the growth of weeds. These weeds, especially ones with long roots such as dandelions or Bermuda grass, rob blueberry plants of water and nutrients. To combat this, most gardeners place mulch around their blueberry plants to prevent and kill weeds. And termites love mulch.

Cardboard is a favorite weed killer among blueberry growers because one layer of cardboard is said to provide the protection of about 3 inches of mulch, protecting blueberry roots, smothering weeds, and maintaining moisture in the soil. However, it is quite common to find that both termites and rodents like to nest beneath the cardboard. These termites can kill blueberry bushes, especially young ones.

Here’s the kicker! Termites like all mulches, especially subterranean termites that require cover, moisture, and food—meaning termites love mulch for all the same reasons plants do.

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The Takeaway for Every Homeowner With or Without Blueberries

Any mulch, including decorative wooden kinds, provide a cool, moist covering for termites to travel under. So beware the nice layer of decorative mulch most of us have around the perimeter of our homes or around our flower beds and shrubs. It creates a convenient highway for termites to head right toward your home.

The reality is that termites live just about everywhere. If you suspect you have termites or if you want to proactively prevent termites, your best solution is to call a trusted pest control specialist. Ecola, for instance, will provide you with a free termite inspection. Should you need termite treatment, Ecola is a leader in natural termite control. These treatments are family and environmentally friendly, and are effective at treating termites.

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