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The Electro Gun: A Shockingly Effective Pest Control Method

Finding tiny termites in your house is one of the biggest fears of every homeowner.

They threaten thousands of homes each year, upsetting the financial and emotional security of your home.

Traditionally, tenting and fumigation have been the eradication method most accepted as effective. Tenting requires covering the entire home and killing termites using a gas that penetrates wood. Homeowners must remove plants, protect food, board their furry family members, and find other accommodations for themselves for three days. This method has some hazards too: The gas used is highly toxic and needs to be carefully administered, and tenting can sometimes damage your roof, siding, and satellite dish.

What Is an Electro-Gun?

While the electro-gun is not totally new, it is still a termite control option that is not widely known. The electro-gun is a handheld electronic device that combines high frequency and high voltage to shock and kill termites. This method allows 90,000 volts of electrical current to penetrate the wood in your home and flow through the galleries and nests of termites. During this process, an expertly trained technician will pass this high voltage probe over the surface of the infested area, scanning for signs of termites. Upon coming into contact with a termite nest, the arc of electricity is drawn in and will flow through the gallery, thoroughly treating the infested area.

The Benefits of Choosing the Electro-Gun

  • Your home is not at risk of damage.
  • You, your family, and pets do not have to pay for a hotel for three days.
  • There is no need to pack up food, plants, linens, and other items that would come in contact with fumigant.
  • You are eliminating the use of sulfuryl fluoride, which is a potent greenhouse gas staying in the atmosphere for 30-40 years. It is considered much more potent than carbon dioxide is to climate change.
  • The electro-gun is a good solution for rodent control

The Best Pest Control Solution

Hands down, the best pest control solution is prevention. Even if you don’t suspect a termite infestation, calling a professional pest control company such as Ecola for an annual free termite inspection is your best defense.  If Ecola does find termites, catching it quickly, before they have time to do major damage can save you thousands. Ecola specializes in alternative termite control methods like the electro-gun. Call Ecola at (800) 332-BUGS (2847).

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