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Traditional or Alternative Pest Control Treatment? Choosing the Right Solution for Your Home

At a time when going “green” is growing in popularity alongside increasing concerns about the environment, there is one industry that is hardly ever thought of as eco-friendly: pest control.

But it’s possible to protect your home and the environment without letting those pesky pests share your space. It’s true that termites, rodents, roaches, bedbugs and other pests need to be dealt with quickly before they cause structural damage to your home or cause health issues, but a “by any means necessary” approach is no longer the only option.

Now there are new choices in the pest control industry that are equally as effective as chemical pest control methods but less destructive to the environment and your family’s health.

Traditional & Alternative Pest Control

Traditional pest control has been the norm in effective pest control for well over 60 years. With this method, synthetic chemicals are used to eliminate and control pest populations. However, chemical treatment requires the family to leave the home to avoid exposure to the pesticides.

Today, homeowners have new choices: alternative pest control methods that offer a reduced environmental impact while also being less toxic to their family’s health. These family- and environmentally-friendly solutions include heat, an electro-gunboratesTAP insulation, and other nonchemical solutions for eliminating pests.

Making the Right Pest Control Choice

Whether you suspect you have an infestation or want to take preventative measures, the first place to begin is to call a pest control specialist. A company like Ecola offers free inspections, after which you can choose from a range of traditional and alternative pest control solutions.

Your Ecola professional will be fully versed in all the methods available to you, and will be able to lay out the solutions that are most suitable for your situation.

Finding a trusted pest control company like Ecola who can provide you with an annual inspection and a preventative plan is the best solution for homeowners looking to protect both their families and their investment. Call Ecola for your free inspection at (800) 332-BUGS (2847).

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