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We Take Pride In Our Service

ECOLA remains committed to great customer-service and exceptional inspector training. See for yourself how ECOLA aims to offer it’s customer’s premier termite inspections, rodent control,  and treatments.

Alan: Even before the termite season starts, the crew at ECOLA Termite and Pest Control is learning about the newest techniques. “That’s what keeps ECOLA ahead” says ECOLA President Susan Fries, the Termite Lady.

Sue: It’s very important that we keep our employees trained, and the reason is that we are highly regulated. We have to have certifications, and we have licensing. All kinds of things that we need, so we take advantage of the times that we’re not taking care of the customers to get ourselves equipped and knowledgeable, so that we can be the best we can be out there.

Alan: There are a lot of new techniques that ECOLA uses.

Sue: Yes, absolutely! We are learning new things all the time. ECOLA is the alternative termite treatment specialist, and so we need to keep up on whatever is available. We have termite and we have pest control, and rodent exclusion, and we’re adding some other services to go with indoor air quality. We offer alternative treatments such as the heat process, electrogun, microwave, borates (which is like table salt) that has a residual, which we never had before. For pest control, we have Eco smart products, so we say we are a smart choice with simple solutions, problems-solved and we’re mother approved.

Alan: Customer service is very important at ECOLA. When other termite companies are on vacation, ECOLA’s crew is brushing up on customer service.

Employee meeting conversation

Customer service is so important at ECOLA that the company gives awards to it’s crew members for the best customer service.

 Employee meeting conversation

And a lot of the team members at ECOLA were honored for their customer service. Mark Kummer is a salesman at ECOLA.

Mark: We don’t sell them things they don’t need. The majority of the time you’re going to do something basic, maybe with some preventative work because preventative is important, but I’m going to go out there and let you know what you’ve got and what I feel I can do for you.

Alan: Kevin Hughes wants homeowners know what to look for.

Kevin: Fecal pellets around window areas, door frames, those are entry points into a house.

Ecola Termite & Pest Control Termites

Alan: Melissa Wheeler makes it easy for customers to schedule appointments.

Melissa: We put the customer’s priorities and their schedules before anything else.

Alan: Meet Dave Williamson.

Dave: Customer service is everything.

Alan: That’s why so many at ECOLA get awards because the company puts customer service first. They prepare for it before the termite season stars, and they give the best customer service when the termite season is here. Before the termite season starts, the ECOLA family is getting ready to take care of your family. For information about ECOLA Termite and Pest Control, and to find out about a free termite inspection, call ECOLA at 800-332-BUGS, 800-332-2847 or go to Ecolatermite.com

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