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What To Expect During A Pest Inspection

Inspect your home for pests regularlyA termite infestation can remain unnoticeable for many years, but these pests literally eat away the home you love. They eat the wood in your home from the inside out, keeping their presence a secret. If you keep worrying about whether your home has already been invaded by termites, it’s time to schedule a pest inspection.

Benefits of a Pest Inspection 

Because you and your family may be unaware that you’re sharing your home with unwanted pests, regularly scheduled pest inspections are a necessary part of homeowner maintenance.

Pest inspections can:

  • Reduce pest-related health risks to people and pets
  • Control damage to your property and belongings
  • Keep pests out of the pantry
  • Lower your stress

The Pest Inspection Process

If you’ve never had a pest inspection before, you might be wondering what to expect. A pest control specialist will conduct a complete check of your property inside and out, looking for signs of a termite infestation. Some of these signs include droppings, mud tubes, damaged wood, and broken wings.

He or she will check for leaks and areas of excessive moisture, since moisture attracts subterranean termites in particular. A thorough inspection of areas like attics, basements, utility rooms, and crawl spaces will also take place, as these are the favored habitats of many pests.

The pest inspector will then provide you with an Inspection Report and discuss their findings.

If you need pest removal, he or she will provide you with:

  • Treatment options
  • Costs
  • Warranties

Because of the pandemic, you can schedule a virtual inspection in which you can provide photos or video of what you’re seeing. You can then proceed with a full inspection if necessary.

How Homeowners Can Help

On average, a pest inspection and consultation takes about two hours, depending on the size of your property and whether you have more than one infestation. You can prep your home by:

  • Clearing clutter and storage out of the way, especially in attics and basements.
  • Providing easy access to your attic, basement, and crawl space
  • Empty cabinets underneath sinks.
  • If access to your attic is through a closet, take the clothes out so insulation and debris does not fall on them during the process
  • A general house cleaning will help the inspector focus on baseboards, walls, windows, cabinets, and closets.

How Ecola Can Help

A pest inspection is not only valuable when you need to remove pests; it’s a smart preventative measure as well. Regularly scheduled termite inspections from an experienced company like Ecola can help you keep ahead of pests and minimize any costly fixes.

Call Ecola at 800 471-BUGS (2847) to schedule your pest inspection.

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