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What’s the Difference Between Residential Termite Control and Commercial Termite Control?

Ecola Termite & Pest Control Termite Group

Termites are equal opportunity pests. They are just as likely to invade residences as they are to enter businesses. While there’s a significant difference between residential and commercial termite control, expectations of your pest control company are the same – No More Bugs!

The Residential Termite Meal vs. the Commercial Termite Meal

Though homes may vary in style and size, most contain wood within the structure. This is not the case with many commercial buildings. While termites are feasting on the beams that support a home, in a commercial establishment, they are most often a threat to the contents of the building, including furniture, cardboard boxes and trim. Anything that is cellulose-based is at risk.

Remediation vs. Prevention

An alert homeowner can learn how to recognize the signs of termite activity that would call for a termite inspection to remedy a termite problem. Because of the monetary value of the affected contents and the loss of operational time to remedy the termite infestation, many businesses choose a strategy of regularly scheduled termite prevention. While a family can leave home for the short period of time it takes to control pest termites, the disruption of business operations requires greater consideration and flexibility from a pest control company.

Natural Termite Control

Natural termite control is an effective way to combat the threat of termites in both residential and commercial establishments, and it’s an effective termite treatment.

Ecola specializes in natural termite control for both residential and commercial markets. Natural processes such as Ecola Heat using hot air only and Electro Gun which uses electricity, help get rid of termites and do so in a way that leaves no residue for the people who either live or work in the building. With offices in seven counties of California, Ecola can respond to businesses with multiple locations, too.

A termite remediation or prevention plan is only a phone call away with Ecola. You might also want to ask us how to kill ants, how to kill bed bugs and how to kill roaches. Our comprehensive program is your answer to termite control as well as rodent control and bed bug removal.

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