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Can I Avoid Fumigation?

No other nuisance pest causes as much damage to homes as termites. The National Pest Management Association estimates that it costs American homeowners over $5 billion each year repairing homes from the damage of these tiny terrors. While fumigation has been the long-accepted method for exterminating termites, times have changed. Less toxic methods have gained traction as consumers want alternatives to the harsh chemicals of fumigation.

What Does Fumigation Entail?

Fumigation requires covering your entire home in a tent and using a gas that penetrates wood to kill the termites. The fumigant is highly toxic. Homeowners need to remove their plants, board their pets, protect food, and find other accommodations for themselves for the three days it takes for this process to be completed.
While fumigation is still sometimes required, alternative pest control methods have been developed that are equally effective, especially when the infestation is in its early stages.
Alternatives to Fumigation

Heat is the only effective whole-house alternative termite control method approved by the California Department of Consumer Affairs for the eradication of termites. Propane heaters raise the temperature in your home to 180 degrees, which is a lethal level to termites. The heat must be maintained at this level for about three hours. Homeowners don’t have to find overnight accommodations, but heat-sensitive items such as computer equipment, electronics, and plants should be removed from the house. Another bonus of heat is that it will also kill any ants, roaches, or bedbugs in your home.

Electro Gun
This innovative handheld electronic device combines high frequency and high voltage to shock and kill termites. Because there are no chemicals involved, there is no need to find other accommodations for a few days or remove food, plants, and other personal items. Everything can remain in place, and there is no residual danger to your family or pets.

Borates are salts that are applied to wood surfaces, concrete, soil, and your foundation. Termites are attracted to the borates, but when they ingest them, they can no longer absorb nutrients, so they starve to death.

Orange Oil
The active ingredient in orange oil, D-limonene is extracted from the rinds of oranges and kills termites upon contact by dissolving the termite’s exoskeleton. The orange oil is inserted into holes drilled into the affected wood. This method is best used when the termites are confined in a local area.

Choosing the Right Alternative Termite Control
Termites are so prevalent in our environment that it is likely any homeowner will need termite control over the course of owning their home. Ecola will conduct a free and comprehensive termite inspection of your home and property and let you know which alternative pest control solutions will work for your specific infestation. While there may be circumstances when fumigation becomes necessary, these alternative methods are more often than not replacing the need to fumigate.
If you think you might have a termite problem, the sooner you call Ecola, the more likely it is that one of these alternative pest control methods will work for you.

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